Glynde Beddin​gham & Firle Angling Club

Fishing as it should be


We offer a particular type of fishing or at least we like to think we do -something old school with traditional charm - as opposed to the haul 'em in commercial fisheries.

Glynde Beddingham & Firle AC control several miles of the picturesque Glynde Reach between Beddingham downstream and towards Laughton upstream. It runs through the heart of the pretty little Glynde Village.

It holds a big mixed head of fish including carp, bream, roach, rudd, tench and pike.

We also have access to a length of the River Uck and a stretch of the tidal Ouse. Both these waters are set in lovely surroundings and the Uck is perhaps the prettiest stretch of water you will ever see.

Good mixed head of fish in both and all the species you'll find in the Glynde Reach with the addition of barbel and chub in the Ouse and chub in the Uck

But it isn't easy - they don't jump on the hook.

This is fishing as it used to be and as we like to think it should be.

Difficult, demanding and sometimes downright demoralising.

Always enjoyable and often very rewarding.

Never boring.

The Glynde Reach

Our fishing on the picturesque Glynde Reach runs from Beddingham all the way up to source. Much of it is rarely fished and pretty much virgin water.

The water holds a large and varied head of fish - roach, rudd, perch, bream, tench, pike and carp along with a small number of other species.

We look after this water very carefully and do our very best to help maintain the naturally beautiful surroundings. For the most part the banks are quite steep and on the most commonly used sections swims have steps cut in for easy access and many pegs have platforms.

The Ouse

Our members have access to a length of the tidal Ouse set in handsome East Sussex countryside.

Contains a good mixed head of fish that includes chub, dace, roach, bream. carp, pike and the occasional barbel.

Some good winter fishing here.

Be prepared to travel light as this fishery is well suited to a roving approach.

The Uck

Our members have access to a section of the River Uck - one of the prettiest stretches of water you will ever see.

A good mixed fishery in lovely surroundings but don't expect a specimen water. There's roach, chub, dace, bream, some carp and the occasional tench and pike - no record breakers but some lovely fish nonetheless.


ADULT £30 (plus 10.00 joining fee for new members)

OAP £15  (plus 10.00 joining fee for new members)

BEST VALUE IN SUSSEX - 3 fisheries available in prime East Sussex countryside

For quick details contact [email protected] or call 07973 847822

Chairman - Dave Todd - 01273 515429

Secretary - Les Hammond - 01273 401664

Match Secretary - John Tranter - 01273 858181

For Fishery Information;

Club Officers/Contact Numbers

email [email protected] or call 07973 847822


We have an active match section with regular trophy events, an early season mid week evening summer league, monthly Sunday matches throughout the season and several inter club events.

Like most clubs these day our match turnout is relatively small with a core of about 15 anglers - so we'd be happy to get a few more on board.

Our matches are nothing like most moderns day competition fishing. We don't get double and triple figure weights of carp because our water is a natural one. Our matches are a bit of a throwback to the days when you had to work hard for your fish.

Not everyone's cup of tea of course.

Hit double figures and you're almost certain to win, 5 or 6 pounds will usually do it and the pegs are pretty level - no hot spots - so they're good matches.

You have to use your mind and a lot of finesse.

If you're interested in joining and fishing our matches and want information please email

[email protected] or call 07973 847822